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David Kirsh
Interactive Cognition Lab
Cognitive Science
UC San Diego

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How do humans reduce cognitive complexity? How do we maintain control over the structure of our workplaces? How do we encode information in arrangements? How do we lay down cues, constraints and markers to simplify activity? These are a few of the problems I would like to understand.

To explore these issues scientifically is a challenge which my students and I are trying to meet by videotaping people interacting in naturalistic settings, by running controlled experiments in the laboratory, and by building computer models of expertise to explore the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches.

I received my BA from the University of Toronto in philosophy and economics, my D.Phil from Oxford University on foundations of cognitive science, and I spent five years at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab as a research scientist. I am a Professor of Cognitive Science at the University of California at San Diego. Although my official areas of specialization are artificial intelligence, situated cognition, philosophy of mind and science, and foundations of cognitive science, I have been working for some years now on cognitive engineering and how to better design highly interactive environments.